When it comes to packing, I assure you the best way to pack your belonging on holiday is to PACK LIGHT. Trust me, I’ve been through a month with my 20-something kg suitcase, around 10 kg backpack, and another 3-5 kg of handbag, and one thing I can tell you that they’re pain in the ass. Imagine! Three bags with more than 30 kilos in total, combined with a very busy schedule jumping from one city to another! I don’t know what was I thinking. This is definitely the biggest mistake I did while planning for my trip.

The things are:

If you’re traveling for a short holiday (let’s say less than a week) you don’t need that much stuff so you can pack really minimal.

If you’re traveling for a longer journey (i.e. a month) you don’t need that much either, because you can wash your clothes in your destination. Laundry is not that expensive everywhere around the world, I don’t think.

If you’re traveling to hot or summer destination, then all you want to bring are light thin clothes and they won’t take much space in your bag either.

If you’re traveling to cold or winter destination, you won’t need many clothes because you’re not going to be sweaty and change your clothes all the time.

See? The key is right there.

Then why did I take gazzilion stuffs on my trip and ended up not using it? Because I was on the tight budget, I didn’t want to miss something then repurchase it at a very expensive European country. My mistake was to pack everything for the worst scenario.

The number of things that I actually needed was waaay smaller than the number of things I brought, that ended up sat at the bottom of my suitcase and never be used. This is unbelievable how dumb and naïve I was. Everybody on traveling world was already suggesting packing light but I was so stubborn. Now I’ve experienced that by myself so I told you, people, not to make the same mistake again. It’s better to take very small amount of belongings and buy anything else you need later on your destination; than bring way too much stuff you don’t need.

Take a look on my packing list and see what’s working and what’s not. Or just jump to the conclusion tips below the list.


Document Folder:

  1. Journal & emergency contact
  2. Passport
  3. Print of Itinerary
  4. Train/Plane/Bus Ticket
  5. Hotel Reservation
  6. Insurance card
  7. Phrase book, maps, etc.


  1. Cash
  2. Credit card & ATM
  3. ID card
  4. Driving Licence


  1. Phone + charger
  2. iPod + charger
  3. Camera + charger
  4. Laptop + charger
  5. Power Bank
  6. Adaptor
  7. E-reader + charger
  8. Earphone
  9. Headphone
  10. Selfie Stick + gorillapod


  1. Scarf
  2. Softlens & Solution
  3. Glasses & Sunglasses
  4. Neck Pillow
  5. Tissue, Wipes & Hand Sanitizer
  6. Water Spray
  7. Hand Cream
  8. Bobby pin, elastic, safety pin
  9. Comb
  10. Umbrella
  11. Pen


  1. Three pairs of jeans
  2. Ten shirt/t-shirt
  3. Three Jackets or coats
  4. Two pairs of Long John
  5. Two sets of pajamas
  6. Seven pairs of socks
  7. One pair of shoes (beside what I was wearing)
  8. Underwear
  9. Scarf
  10. Hat/beanie
  11. Towel


  1. Soap
  2. Shampoo
  3. Tooth brush
  4. Tooth paste
  5. Facial wash
  6. Deodorant
  7. Parfume
  8. Feminine hygiene
  9. Razor
  10. Shower cap

Other Things:

  1. Make Up
  2. Medicines
  3. Copy of important documents
  4. Power Strip
  5. Luggage Scale
  6. Hair Dryer
  7. Memory Card
  8. Spare Battery
  9. Scissors
  10. Nail Clippers
  11. Plastic Bag/Laudry Bag
  12. Double Tape/Duct Tape
  13. USB stick



  1. Put your documents on your phone (itinerary, accommodation ticket, reservations, maps, dictionary, etc.). Almost every check-in nowadays (plane, hotel, or hostel) accepts documents in digital form. You just need to make sure that you save your booking number.

  2. In case of emergency, E-mail every important document to yourself. So if you, for example, had your phone stolen, you can just access your document in your inbox from somewhere else (internet café, free computer at hotel/hostels, borrow your roommate phone or computer, etc.)

  3. Don’t bring your laptop unless you need to work a lot while traveling. That thing is too heavy if you’re just gonna use it sometimes. Most hostels usually have several laptops or computer for guess to use it for free.

  4. Don’t bring too much clothing. For me, 2 spare jeans and 4-5 spare shirt/t-shirt is enough for a week. If you’re traveling for a longer time, wash them once a week at in the laundry room in your hotel/hostels. Most of them have one (check the availability before you go).

  5. Don’t bring too much socks and shoes. For me, 3 pairs of sock and a pair of shoes will do. I wore a pair of boots the whole journey and threw away my spare flat shoes because I’d already felt comfortable with the boots and the flat really hurt my feet.

  6. (FOR GIRLS) Don’t bring hair tools and too much makeup. Hotels/hostels usually have hairdryer as their facility. Hair straighter or hair curler will take a lot of space and weight. I don’t think it’s a good idea to waste that much time on your hair and make up when a new adventure is waiting for you.

  7. Bring mini size of toiletries. If you’re running out of it, just buy another one at local supermarket. They are really easy to find and they won’t hurt your wallet as well.

  8. Don’t bring any other thing that isn’t the necessity. If you’re thinking to bring anything else just in case you need it, please don’t bring it. If you barely use that thing at home, the chance you need it abroad is even smaller.

I heard that the key to pack light is to PACK FOR THE BEST POSSIBILITY, NOT FOR THE WORST SCENARIO. If you got some emergency, just remember that you are all blessed with a smart brain and you will find a way to solve your problem. You will be alright even with your small belonging. Packing light means you can move faster and see much more. And what’s better than live the adventure to the fullest?

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