Things To Do On A Cold Day

It’s technically still autumn here but it feels like winter and hit zero degrees already. The weather is very bad (compare to my previous summer paradise of course) and changing all the time. Talking (and swearing) about weather is very common in our daily conversations, including this one particular cold day in our dorm kitchen.

(It was starting to rain)
J: “It was sunny five minutes ago! What the hell?!”
M: “It is crazy!”
O: “It is Norway.” (insert neutral face emoji)

Yup, welcome to Norway! So inspired by that, I’ll put some ideas about what to do on a cold day a.k.a crappy weather. These things are basically what I do on daily basis nowadays.

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Exploring Downtown Stavanger

It’s been a month since I moved to Stavanger in Norway. Life has been great so far, I feel home since day one and I’m not even surprised. First couple weeks were kinda busy with so much stuffs to do: report to police office, got bus ticket and mobile number, got my residence permit, attended the orientation days at university, went back and forth to Ikea and bunch of supermarkets, and blah blah blah. After I settled enough I finally got a chance to pick up my camera and being tourist for a moment.

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Hiking to Kjeragbolten

“Say yes to new adventure” was probably what’s in my head when I accepted the invitation to hike Mount Kjerag. It was such a short notice, I’m not prepared, I haven’t even owned a pair hiking shoes yet! It’s about eleven at night when I said yes and at eight next morning we already drove our rental car to Kjerag.

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