Things To Do On A Cold Day

It’s technically still autumn here but it feels like winter and hit zero degrees already. The weather is very bad (compare to my previous summer paradise of course) and changing all the time. Talking (and swearing) about weather is very common in our daily conversations, including this one particular cold day in our dorm kitchen.

(It was starting to rain)
J: “It was sunny five minutes ago! What the hell?!”
M: “It is crazy!”
O: “It is Norway.” (insert neutral face emoji)

Yup, welcome to Norway! So inspired by that, I’ll put some ideas about what to do on a cold day a.k.a crappy weather. These things are basically what I do on daily basis nowadays.

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20 Free Things To Do In London


It’s not a secret that London is hella expensive. Here are some proofs to make sure we’re on the same page. I paid £10 for an espresso and 3 mini cupcakes, and I mean… teeny tiny mini cupcakes; when in home I can probably buy around 12 regular size cupcakes from a good quality bakery (rolling eyes emoji please!). I paid £5 for snacking a plate of Dutch pancakes with warm Nuttela and icing sugar, take away, in a market, not in a fancy cafe when you can sit down in a comfy sofa with the fastest wifi ever. Another example, £11 for a regular lunch (burger, fries, and lemonade), super basic! Not to mention by the time I was there, more than 1.5 years ago, before all of the Brexit drama, the British Pound Sterling’s still very strong (£ 1 = around IDR 20.000). Now you do the Math!

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10 Travel Decorations for Travel Lovers

Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of post lately. I just moved house and spent these couple weeks to put things together in the new house. Moving house is exciting but exhausting at the same time. Some parts are really fun though. My favourite part has to be decorating, for sure. I’d been looking and searching for decorations to put in my new room since..forever! Literally spent every spare time with scrolling down my Pinterest Board, browsing through Etsy shops, and watching bunch of room tours on Youtube. I found quite a lot interesting pieces that I love (all about travel, of course!). I though it’s nice to share with you to give some inspirations. Here the top 10 travel decorations for travel lovers to have in their bedroom (or any other rooms, really!)

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When it comes to packing, I assure you the best way to pack your belonging on holiday is to PACK LIGHT. Trust me, I’ve been through a month with my 20-something kg suitcase, around 10 kg backpack, and another 3-5 kg of handbag, and one thing I can tell you that they’re pain in the ass. Imagine! Three bags with more than 30 kilos in total, combined with a very busy schedule jumping from one city to another! I don’t know what was I thinking. This is definitely the biggest mistake I did while planning for my trip.

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Itinerary is like a blueprint in a construction job. It’s basically means a travel plan which contain specific place and date, schedule or timetable, and accommodations. It’s a trickiest part of a travel journey. But for some people who really loves traveling, this will be the most exciting thing about going on holiday. For someone who doesn’t, just leave this work for travel agent because making itinerary is pretty time consuming. Here’s the step by step about how to make itinerary based on my experience.

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If you have just one day in London, or if you visit London for the first time and want to see the highlight about what London is all about, my suggestion is to walking down the River Thames. It is the largest river in England and flows through London with bunch of London’s iconic landmarks along the river. So you’ll see quite a lot and apparently it’s super cheap! I did that on my first day in London, more than a year ago and never regret it.

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