Things To Do On A Cold Day

It’s technically still autumn here but it feels like winter and hit zero degrees already. The weather is very bad (compare to my previous summer paradise of course) and changing all the time. Talking (and swearing) about weather is very common in our daily conversations, including this one particular cold day in our dorm kitchen.

(It was starting to rain)
J: “It was sunny five minutes ago! What the hell?!”
M: “It is crazy!”
O: “It is Norway.” (insert neutral face emoji)

Yup, welcome to Norway! So inspired by that, I’ll put some ideas about what to do on a cold day a.k.a crappy weather. These things are basically what I do on daily basis nowadays.

  1. Hang out with friends
    Easiest thing to do. I usually find people in the kitchen and end up talking with them for hours. We talk pretty much about everything, from food, to places, to languages, to politics, but sadly not much about study 🙁
  2. Do a beauty session or pamper party
    Last time we did “threading” because one of my friend can do that for us. But anything related with beauty is perfect. You can do mask, scrub, nail painting, have a bath, shaving, hair mask, and much more. Pamper night is really relaxing to do after a dark cold day.
  3. Have a hot drink
    Almost every time I come back home, I make my favorite peppermint tea and it warms the body instantly. Beside tea, my favorite hot drinks are chai tea latte, pumpkin spice latte, hot chocolate, and I’m pretty sure in the next few months, mulled wine or gløgg (in Norwegian) will be on top of my list!
  4. Light loads of candles and turn on fairy lights
    The other day I went to Ikea ONLY for candles. I bought a lot of them like a crazy mad lady! My current favorite is “Friskhet (01)“. It smells sooo good, give it a sniff next time you go to Ikea! Candles and fairy light are my favorite combination, they instantly increase the coziness level of the room.
  5. Read a cozy book
    One of the coziest book I’ve read is “The Little Book of Hygge” which basically tell you how to get cozy. Tips on cozy clothes, lights, candles, and including cozy food and drink recipes. But really, any book will do because reading book is generally relaxing, isn’t it?
  6. Watch a movie 
    We have Harry Potter night on Sundays which I’m not a big fan of and usually hide in my room to avoid it. We also invite some people around. If it’s not Sunday then we watch anything else. With tea, popcorn or chips, it’s so cozy. In fact too cozy, I slept almost in every movie and pissed all of my friends (oops!)
  7. Listen to your favorite playlist
    Music! Music is always appropriate in any situation. My recent fave is Autumn Leaves from Spotify. It’s filled with all cozy and chill music which I personally love and listen all the time. But in this weather, they’re perfect!
  8. Invite friends over for dinner
    Recently I was invited to a dinner with some friends. They cooked loads of foods, we ate together, drank beers and wine, watched some videos, and danced. Five hours flew by. That was so much fun! Really, it’s everything you need to beat nasty weather!
  9. Have couple of beers and play board games
    We have some nice places to have a drink and play board games here in Stavanger. One of the most famous one is Bøker and Børst (Books and Booze). 
  10. Bake cake(s)
    Also the other day, we were sitting in the living room and spontaneously decided to bake a cake. We couldn’t decide between cinnamon rolls and carrot cake so we baked both! Baking is a fun thing to do, plus at the end of day we had freshly baked cakes to enjoy with cuppa tea.


So, what is your favorite thing to do on a cold day?

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