20 Free Things To Do In London


It’s not a secret that London is hella expensive. Here are some proofs to make sure we’re on the same page. I paid £10 for an espresso and 3 mini cupcakes, and I mean… teeny tiny mini cupcakes; when in home I can probably buy around 12 regular size cupcakes from a good quality bakery (rolling eyes emoji please!). I paid £5 for snacking a plate of Dutch pancakes with warm Nuttela and icing sugar, take away, in a market, not in a fancy cafe when you can sit down in a comfy sofa with the fastest wifi ever. Another example, £11 for a regular lunch (burger, fries, and lemonade), super basic! Not to mention by the time I was there, more than 1.5 years ago, before all of the Brexit drama, the British Pound Sterling’s still very strong (£ 1 = around IDR 20.000). Now you do the Math!

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