Hiking to Kjeragbolten

“Say yes to new adventure” was probably what’s in my head when I accepted the invitation to hike Mount Kjerag. It was such a short notice, I’m not prepared, I haven’t even owned a pair hiking shoes yet! It’s about eleven at night when I said yes and at eight next morning we already drove our rental car to Kjerag.

It took us around four hours to get there because of the speed limit and stuff. We joked about how we can reach that place in two hours if we’re in Indonesia. LOL! The road trip was amazing. The view is out of the world. Well, surprise surprise! Turn out I moved to one of the most beautiful place in the world. Some of my friends who have been to Iceland said that the view on our way to Kjerag is pretty similar with Iceland (but I still need to prove it myself, don’t I?)

We started to hike around twelve. Less than ten minutes and I realized it’s a biggest mistake in my life. I never hiked a real mountain before and I’m the most un-fit person I know. Kjerag is definitely not for beginner in my opinion and you need to be physically fit if you wanna hike there. It’s more like rock climbing than hiking even from the beginning and I almost gave up right away. Thankfully I was with some of the most supportive friends ever. They’d never let me go back down and helped me like A LOT (both physically and mentally). Honestly don’t know how my life would end up if I went there alone as per usual. So thank you so much to Ahan, Anton, Anisa, and Bintang!

It was FOUR hours to climb the mountain and got to Kjeragbolten (the stone hanging between two cliffs) and about the same time to get back down. There are three peaks so we need to ascend, descend, arrive at beautiful valley, up again, down again, second valley, up again, down a little bit, and then there’s an easy terrain for about 20-30 minutes walk, and we arrived at Kjeragbolten. Imagine that TIMES TWO for the journey back. Damn! I was about to wave to the helicopter (which circling around the mountain) to take me back down.

Jump to the stone wasn’t particularly difficult though. All you need is a little bit of courage and confident. And oh did I mention that the stone is hanging almost 1000 meters above the fjord below? It’s a “slip and game over” kinda situation. So better do not look to the fjord below before jumping to the stone.

In some spots I genuinely felt like I’m about to fall and die, for real. So guys, you have no idea how much effort I put to get that freakin’ picture you saw on my Instagram, Facebook, or whatever. But anyway, I still can’t believe that I managed, I’m alive, with no broken bone, and no dislocated shoulder this time (thank God!) I won’t forget this experience for the rest of forever.

Thanks again to my friends who helped me a lot, taught me patiently about hiking techniques, and kept my spirit up for eight freakin’ hours! I learned so much from you all.

Somebody told me this quote:

“Everyone can be our teacher and everyplace can be our school”

Well, that particular day my school was pretty awesome, wasn’t it?

Taken by Anisa Corina


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  1. Wooooh! I love your spirit in taking on what clearly wasn’t an easy hike. Glad you had friends to support an encourage you. What a great achievement!

    And such a beautiful place, The first picture reminds me very much of Dartmoor in England, and the last is just incredible. I have too much of a fear of heights to ever make that jump, but I’m guessing that would be an amazing place to stand.

    1. Hi Bernie! Thank you so much! Yes I’m so lucky to went there with amazing friends! Some people were too scared to jump to the rock as well and they took a picture with the stone in a safer place.. Hahaha.. The view from the mountain itself is enough though!

  2. I felt that same way about Pulpit Rock in Norway too – it’s a place I can’t do on my own without my friends’ help physically! And Pulpit Rock is supposedly way easier than Kjerag. Great job conquering Kjerag! Excellent photos you took!

    1. Thanks Kristine! Omg Pulpit Rock is even closer with Stavanger where I live right now! But haven’t got a chance to visit yet. I think I should do it immediately before Tom Cruise take over the place for about a week for Mission Impossible movie.. LOL! Yes it supposed to be easier than Kjerag, but still..I’m suck at hiking hahaha

  3. Norway is home to some amazing hikes! I repeatedly saw photos of what looked to be crazy people standing on a boulder with 3000 feet of empty space underneath of it. Really, who does this ? I would like to join the club, so I just added Kjeragbolten to my list of adventures in Norway !

    1. Yeah it’s kinda crazy without any safety equipment but everybody still does that apparently! Hahaha.. Welcome to the club, Céline! You should definitely come! 🙂

    1. Hi Kay! Yes the view is incredible. Oh don’t worry we hiked with hundreds other people that day, we even needed to queue to jump to the rock! Isn’t that insane? LOL

  4. I LOVE NORWAY. Hiking in Norway is one of the best experiences anyone can have, I think. I’m glad you enjoyed it so much and I love your photographs!

    1. Thanks Nina! Yes I’m loving Norway as well so far! Hiking is pretty much the only thing that people do here in Norway! LOL

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