10 Travel Decorations for Travel Lovers

Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of post lately. I just moved house and spent these couple weeks to put things together in the new house. Moving house is exciting but exhausting at the same time. Some parts are really fun though. My favourite part has to be decorating, for sure. I’d been looking and searching for decorations to put in my new room since..forever! Literally spent every spare time with scrolling down my Pinterest Board, browsing through Etsy shops, and watching bunch of room tours on Youtube. I found quite a lot interesting pieces that I love (all about travel, of course!). I though it’s nice to share with you to give some inspirations. Here the top 10 travel decorations for travel lovers to have in their bedroom (or any other rooms, really!)


  1. Globe

It’s a classic one! Everybody who loves traveling should want to put this thing up in a corner of their bedroom. I already got one as a birthday gift from my sister a few years ago. Love it so much, it’s the first decoration I put in my new room (even since the room hadn’t fully finished yet!). Personally, I like globes  with brown yellow-y colour, not the regular blue ones, since they looked more antique and classy. I found this particular globe makers which based in London, called Bellerby & Co. Globemakers. Been following them on IG for years! They make globes traditionally with hand-painting and stuffs. I really really like it, but in the meantime, my antique globe is doing its wonder and has already sat beautifully on my shelf. So I’m happy enough with it!



Both Pictures from Bellerby & Co. Globemakers’ Instagram

  1. City Map

City map is a best friend of every wanderer out there. Even though Google Maps, Waze, any other digital maps are more handy these days, I still like to bring the classy paper maps with me when wandering new places. For decoration, I find this particular shop called Mapiful from the Internet. I’ve been looking for city map that I really like and this one is my favourite! I never saw anything like these maps before. They are minimalist and so sophisticated with classy black and white print. Really really like them! I haven’t got mine yet because I just haven’t made my mind yet on which city I love the most and I want to hang in my bedroom. London? Paris? Amsterdam? Bali? Or even hometown Bandung? It’s so confusing!



Shop: Mapiful

  1. World Map

Beside the city map, world map is also wonderful to hang on the wall. Word map for decoration can be in a lot of forms. Some of them that I love are watercolor world map, gold foil world map, and scratch world map. The scratch one is my favorite because it’s just fun to have them and scratch every places I’ve been to. I got mine as a gift as well, from my cousins when they went to Australia last year. Already sit up on the shelf alongside my globe!


Etsy Shop: hellochelseaco


Etsy Shop: ruPrint

  1. Travel-Related Books

Besides traveling, reading is my hobby since I was younger. I always have some books in my bedroom. I’m focusing on collecting travel-related books these days. My favorite book is “How to be Parisian Wherever You Are”. To be honest I haven’t finish it yet but I really love the cover, it’s so beautiful for decoration. Beside that, I love the memory behind this specific book. I got it from the most beautiful travel-bookstore when I was wandering around Marylebone area in London. I have a shelf dedicated to my travel-related books (Where’s Wally included!). Not all of them have the word “travel” or “abroad” or “journey” or “road”. Some of them made it to the shelf simply because they inspire me to go to specific place. For examples Inferno is there because it inspired me to go to Florence and Anne Frank’s Diary for Amsterdam.

cat-bookend   travel-books-2

  1. Travel-Themed Candles

My love to scented candles is beyond of this world! I find candles are very relaxing and calming. I love to lit some of them in my bedroom after a long day at work. Paired with a cuppa green tea, they are my evening routine goal! Also, a specific scent can trigger back your memories, and take you back to your favorite place. Imagine how excited I am when I found travel-themed candles at Bath & Body Works a while ago! Literally couldn’t control myself and picked up some of them. My favorites scents are London and Hawaii. They smell soooo good! Give them a sniff the next time you find BBW store (if they still have it!)



  1. Travel Gallery Wall

If you love traveling, you must have a lot of travel pictures you took yourself on your journey. Print some of your best shots and hang them up in your wall. They are pretty, they are bring back memories, and inspire you to travel more. There are no rules for hanging up your pictures. But the most popular are either way print them in the same size and hang them neatly lined up, or print them in many different sizes and hang them in “chaotic” way, that to be honest, need more effort and time to achieve.



Both pictures from Pinterest

  1. Travel Quote Prints

I love quotes! Sometimes I just find a right quote that really gets me! In my opinion, if you find a quote or two that you really like and inspire you, than it should be hung somewhere in your private area in the house so you can see it everyday and also inspire you everyday. Quote prints are easy to find nowadays. Lots of Easy shops sell “instant download” prints, which means you just need to buy it with card and you will be able to download it, then print it. Making your own print is not that hard as well. Basic photoshop skill will do. All you need is a fave quote and nice-goodlooking font. Voila!


Etsy Shop: MomoDigital


Etsy Shop: Designsbybiancab


Etsy Shop: MKKMDesigns

  1. Miniature of Landmark

Every place has their own iconic landmark. It can be a tower, a building, a church, a bridge, or anything really. Beside seeing them with your own eyes, the second best thing to do is to bring them in your room. What’s cuter than a mini size Eiffel Tower sitting in a corner of your bedside table? I love this particular design of Eiffel Tower I saw from Pinterest. Sooo cute!

Picture is from Pinterest
  1. Travel-Themed Wall Decal

I remember having some wall decals in my dorm room few years ago. One of them is Parisian landscape and I had it for years until I moved out of that dorm room. My best friends and my dorm-mates should know which one I mean. I don’t have it in my new room, but I still think it’s a good idea to have wall decal for decoration. It’s simple, it makes your room prettier, easy to apply, and doesn’t damage the wall (winner!). All you need to do is pick the right design that suit your bedroom theme!


Etsy Shop: DecalLab


Etsy Shop: WallxDecal


Etsy Shop: Fixatedesigns

  1. Things You Bought When You Travel

Another sentimental things to be travel-related decorations. I love collecting (unimportant) things I got when I was travelling. I still have a whole receipts from my Europe trip (I know it sounds ridiculous!), paper bag from Laduree, plastic bag from Apple store in Paris (the one inside Louvre Museum), every ticket entrance, and a bunch of other trashy things. But beside that, I also got pieces that actually work for decorating my room. My fave is Portobello Road sign I got from Stables Market in London, pretty cat bookends and wooden owls I got from my last trip to Bali.



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  1. I loved reading your post about travel decorations. I’m currently building up a collection of items for when I have my own house one day and am taking inspiration from many of your ideas. I love the unique city maps in particular and the travel quotes.

    1. Hi Tasha, glad you like it 😀 Decorating is the best part, isn’t it? I love them as well, they’re sooo pretty! xx

  2. Even the kitchen deserves some interesting DIY decor. If your friend by any chance, besides travelling, wants to cook too, then making map magnets for them will be a wonderful gift. Anytime your friend would open the fridge, they will look at what you did for them. So, find a map of their favorite city or country and make some map magnets.

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